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About WorldBridge International


WorldBridge International's managment team set up one of the first companies in India providing outsourced, real-time connectivity for back office processing for US multiple clients. India was chosen as our first offshore service location in 1993. India was selected because of two strategic advantages. First, the workforce is the lowest cost and the most highly educated English-speaking workforce anywhere. And second, the global telecommunication connectivity is of the highest reliability.

That company, HealthScribe, Inc. (now known as M*Modal) , is now the second largest medical transcription company worldwide addressing the $7 billion US medical transcription industry. The founding team divested itself of much of its ownership interest in 1998.

Following HealthScribe, FirstRing Inc. was started by the same founding team in 1998. FirstRing, Inc. was the first US call center company with service centers in India servicing multiple US companies. FirstRing, Inc. after acquisition, is known as FirstSource Solutions, FSL:BSE . 

WorldBridge’s founders and management team are among the world’s pioneers in the global outsourcing and offshore services market and have assisted with the implementation and development of BPO industry initiatives with companies and governmental agencies in South Africa, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Fuji.

The WorldBridge International team joined Augmedix in 2013. WorldBridge International (WBI) acts as strategic consultants to assist Augmedix with implementing their business plan. 

WBI also provides strategic consulting to various companies in the music industry, design, healthcare, retail and non-profit organizations.

Gurujot Singh Khalsa, President and CEO

Gurujot Singh Khalsa has an extensive history of starting and building companies in emerging markets.

  •  FirstRing, Inc. Founder and Chief Executive Officer of FirstRing, the first outsourced call center company in the US servicing Fortune 100 companies in India. Gurujot Singh was CEO until company was sold to ICICI at the end of 2001.
  • HealthScribe, Inc. HealthScribe, Inc. founder, CEO, and then Chairman of HealthScribe, the second largest medical transcription company worldwide and the first to use state-of-the-art proprietary technology that allows the company access to low-cost, Indian semi-professional labor.
  •  Kriya Systems, Inc. Gurujot Singh was CEO and 90% owner of Kriya Systems, Inc., a software development and back office processing company known for its development of Typing Tutor, the first computer typing training program and a number one, best-selling educational software from 1983 to 1991. It was sold to Simon & Schuster in 1993.
  •  National Office Supply. Gurujot Singh founded National Office Supply, a telemarketing center with 95 agents and $8 million in annual revenues, 1984 and sold it 5 years later.

Prior to founding National Office Supply, Gurujot Singh founded a sales training company that was sold in 1988. He has also founded several other retail and service businesses. He has been a serious and successful entrepreneur all his adult life. He graduated from Shippensburg University in 1968 with a BS in education.